Brave Does Not Connect To Ledger Nano Using MetaMask

Brave Wallet is a tool that allows you to buy, store, send, and swap almost any crypto asset & NFT, connect other wallets and web3 DApps, and generally manage your whole crypto portfolio. You can store BAT you’ve earned through Brave Rewards in the Brave Wallet, but otherwise the two features are not connected. This guide is for anyone that wants to use Phantom as a tool to manage Solana and SPL tokens on their Ledger hardware wallet. This guide assumes that you have previously installed Phantom. You can start using Phantom with your Ledger in just 2 easy steps: Prepare your Ledger to use Solana; Connect your Ledger to Phantom; Prepare your Ledger to ... Internal JSON-RPC Error”, so you can connect and start using your Ledger wallet with MetaMask again. Since the Google Chrome update (Chrome 91) third-party wallets such as MetaMask have experienced U2F transport issues. This issue also affects other Chromium browsers such as the Brave browser. If your ledger nano s is new and not yet set up, the first thing you need to do is to set up your ledger nano s wallet device and create your accounts on Ledger Live. Remember your assets in ledger nano s are stored offline but can only be accessed online by connecting the wallet device to your computer system using a USB cable. On the next screen choose the "Connect hardware wallet" option. You should now find yourself in the Ledger connection flow, follow the steps onscreen until you are prompted to select a USB device to connect to. Choose your Ledger device from the list and click "Connect". Next, select the address that you wish to use with Phantom. How to connect a Trezor or Ledger Hardware Wallet; What to do when your balance of ETH or other tokens is incorrect; What is a ‘Secret Recovery Phrase’ and how to keep your crypto wallet secure; User guide: Secret Recovery Phrase, password, and private keys Brave Sync, currently in beta, can be enabled to encrypt and synchronize your preferred settings and bookmarks. However, Brave does not have the keys to decrypt your data. More Features: Ensure the latest version of the Solana (SOL) app is installed on your Ledger device. Make sure to close Ledger Live as it can conflict with the Phantom extension. We strongly recommend installing and using Phantom with the Brave browser. Accessing your Ledger Solana account(s) via Phantom. Open your browser and install the Phantom extension. Step 4: Once it discovers your wallet, it will prompt you to choose a Ledger account that you would want to connect to MetaMask.Choose the one you prefer and finish (or create one from Ledger Live if you have none).. Step 5: Some last steps to make sure everything runs smoothly. Click on the “Ethereum application” on your hardware wallet display then click on “settings” and turn on ... MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet but also a web browser extension (available in Chrome, Firefox and Brave) used to store, send and receive Ethereum and ERC20. In other words, it allows users to make Ethereum transactions through regular websites.

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2022.01.29 07:17 DrearimentsDue Assets Consortium 🌐 | Cross-chain Decentralized Assets Management 👥 | Fairlaunch in 4 days ⏱ | Bridge to multiple EVM compatible blockchains | passive rewards & weekly airdrops | ⏱ Fairlaunch 02.02.2022 , 20:00 utc.

🌐 Introducing Assets Consortium 🌐
Assets Consortium is an on-chain Protocol for Decentralized Fund & Assets Management, Non-custodial and based on VERIFIED SMART CONTRACTS 🔍 allowing INVESTORS & FUND OPERATORS to participate in Fund Management Strategies, verified and executed on-chain. 👥👥👥
Assets Consortium Token (ACX) is the GOVERNANCE & UTILITY Token of our ecosystem, allowing OPERATORS & INVESTORS to create / join Funds.
Anyone will be able to participate either as an INVESTOR or as a FUND OPERATOR.
The Funds remains 100% OWNED BY THE USERS 💯
✅ FAIRLAUNCH in 4 Days , 02.02.2022 , 20:00 UTC ✅
✅ FAIRLAUNCH in 4 Days , 02.02.2022 , 20:00 UTC ✅
The Assets Consortium dApp and a private version of the Funds Marketplace have been developed and tested by our Team during the second half of 2021. The release of the Beta version on BSC Mainnet will follow the FAIRLAUNCH and the Liquidity initial providing. We will release the Assets Consortium dApp and open Assets Consortium v1.0 on Main net on 05.02.2022.
Bridges & Extensions to all EVM compatible Blockchains (starting with AVALANCHE) are to be released in February 2022.
Marketing campain and the Support of the Community will bring the ACX Token to his FULL POTENTIAL before the Assets Consortium dApp is released 🔝
✅ FAIRLAUNCH in 4 Days , 02.02.2022 , 20:00 UTC ✅
✅ FAIRLAUNCH in 4 Days , 02.02.2022 , 20:00 UTC ✅
✅ FAIRLAUNCH in 4 Days , 02.02.2022 , 20:00 UTC ✅
📌 TOTAL SUPPLY : 100.000.000 ACX
👥 TEAM WALLET (locked 12 months): 5%
✅ ACX rewards as passive income for EVERY HOLDERS.
✅ ACX rewards are distributed equally to ALL PARTICIPANTS.
✅ Weekly Airdrops for TOP HOLDERS & TOP OPERATORS.
✅ ACX rewards every time investors join or leave Funds.
✅ ACX rewards for investors who bring other investors.
✅ ACX rewards for best Funds & most efficient Operators.
✅ ACX rewards redistribution system can be defined by Fund rules.
Visit our Website and Join the Telegram for more details and documentation.
🌐 Official Website 🔈 Telegram
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2022.01.29 07:17 Sudi_Arabia I rank BO2 survival maps

Wouldn’t want a brick of text, so there is a word doc below if you’re brave enough to click it. Feel free to argue and disagree.
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2022.01.29 07:17 ASICmachine Join us on #TheGreenGoal 📈 (x-post from /r/SatoshiStreetBets)

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2022.01.29 07:17 gmail_yafit123 /GMT+2/pc/looking for someone to play "viscera cleanup detail" with

I've had viscera cleanup detail in my steam library for a while but it gets boring playing it alone, anyone down to play with me? i'm free for the entire Saturday.
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2022.01.29 07:17 FlyingLowSH Tests bei unter minus 30 Grad: Wie kommt die Irkut MS-21 mit extremer Kälte zurecht?

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2022.01.29 07:17 handballpepe247 Surviving with Shelly pls watch til end Heart racing!!!!!

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2022.01.29 07:17 kynik01 Jo

Hey I happen to see an old photo album in the house. I was browsing it in the late afternoon yesterday when I saw a photo of us with your mom. This was probably 3rd grade or younger haha and we were seated on those colorful kiddie table set that were so popular back in 2000s - every kid had this. I'm sorry, Jo. I really am. I'm sorry you had to go this early. I wish...I could've been a better friend. I wish I was there more for you. Sometimes, you're in my dreams (the few that I could recall) and you're neither mad nor happy. I regret a lot of things mainly not replying to you when you never failed to message me or update me where you've been; even on the last months who nobody knew was gonna be the last, I never bothered to reply. I'm sorry Jo. The never stops. Sometimes I'd bike in the afternoon and check around your house but nobody's there anymore. If your family had stayed, I'd probably be visiting your mom every Friday...just to talk about you. Talk about anything. Then maybe look more at your photos when we were kids. I think about your mom a lot. Could never imagine how more it could hurt for a mom - this all so suddenly. When Roby's up, all we ever do is talk about how silly and simple our lives were before everyone moved away to go to places, everyone just grew up. We always talk about you. You're always in our thoughts, you never left really. I'm sorry. Everything is fleeting, never thought yours could this be early. Too soon. I'm sorry. I love you forever.
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2022.01.29 07:17 Jameshardy1988 DuckDNS idiot user...

So I set up home assistant ages ago and have forgotten a lot of what I did. I have DuckDNS installed and working on my phone but want to access HA on my pc. I can't remember what/if I needed a Password from DuckDNS in order for it to work. When I load I get a 401 on my pc - phone works fine. What really obvious thing am I missing?
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