Uniting the Workers: Thoughts From A Working Class Conservative

2022.01.29 07:02 phoenix1700 Uniting the Workers: Thoughts From A Working Class Conservative

I won't deny I first heard of antiwork from the Fox News Clip. No, I don't normally watch Fox, but the clip made its rounds and found its way to my feed.
I lurked through the antiwork subreddit and was surprised to find that there are actually a lot of intelligent leftists on here. However, I also came across quite a few posts that were quite ignorant of conservatives. It's fascinating to me that as the Internet has grown, we've become more and more segregated from each other in our right and left information silos. I think this is setting us up for significant conflict, but that is a topic for another time.
There is a belief prevalent on here that conservatives want to maintain the status quo and would not support a labor movement. This isn't true. Many conservatives are as upset at the corporatists, bankers, and politicians as the rest of you. We recognize that wealth disparity is a huge problem. We are struggling to get by and know the current system isn't working. The Republican politicians don't represent us well on the economic front, but we vote for them anyway because of the culture war. And this brings me to my next point. Many of us look at Occupy Wall Street as a unique moment of protest against real power. Why did it never get off the ground? Why was it so poorly covered in the press? Especially, compared to the BLM protests/riots last year which received 24/7 coverage? I think you already know the answer. OWS had the potential to unite the workers, where as BLM had the potential to stoke division. As long as we're fighting amongst each other, the media profits, and the system endures.
The left and the right will never agree when it comes to cultural issues. To many on the right, stopping progressive politics is more important than economics. I believe that for many on the left, advancing progressive politics is more important than economics. We have completely different worldviews. This will always separate us. But, it doesn't mean we can't at least work together to get the 1% to pay their fair share. While many of us conservatives would never support a communist system, we like ideas such as UBI, affordable healthcare, and taxes on the rich. No one should be living a life of extravagance and excess while others suffer.
Having read other posts, I'm sure some of you will shoot down the thought of working together and immediately label me a fascist, racist, sexist, misogynist, bigot, xenophobe, and so on simply for being a conservative. Have you ever tried to understand where we are coming from? We see the world differently, and where you see racism and intolerance as causes of injustice, we see other causes. The number of people on the right who truly qualify as Nazis is much smaller than you think.
I believe resolving wealth inequality could do so much to improve the lives of those who are really suffering. It would do more to help the BIPOC communities than any of the popular social justice initiatives ever will. It's up to the left to figure this out. A labor movement will never come from the right, though I believe a lot of people on the right are ready to support one. Can the left set aside the culture war for a second to fight the easier battle, or will we fight amongst each other and find ourselves living in a dystopian future? With the advancement of social media, OWS 2.0 could bring some serious change. Until then, those of us on the right will watch and wait.
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2022.01.29 07:02 usbebsiidb23b How do do you wire a split keyboard with 2 arduinos plus 1 oled

I'm looking for help or examples regarding the wiring and code for a keyboard using 2x arduinos and 1 oled.
I'd like to have 5 encoders on a keyboard but I ran out of pins so I thought adding a 2nd mcu might solve that issue. I have 14 columns and 5 rows plus a dip switch and oled.
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2022.01.29 07:02 erdillz93 Absolute score at the train show

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2022.01.29 07:02 hilbertspace191 Sec, cosec and cot unit circle contructions

Hi all, I'm a tutor and made a video for my students about unit circle contructions to define sin, cos and tan:
What are the equivalent contructions for the complementary trig functions sec, cosec and cot? I did a search online but everywhere just seems to define them as sec x = 1/cos x, cosec x = 1/sin x etc and doesn't give any geometrical definition.
Many thanks!
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2022.01.29 07:02 DrafiMara Sooth.

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2022.01.29 07:02 Cool-Development-759 hello

Hi pokefriends i will like if you send to this reddid picture of your own fake pokemon or find from google i want to create a small region until 3/2/2022 so help me

the creator of this reddit
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2022.01.29 07:02 quintoncombs Best Platform For Cryptocurrency

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2022.01.29 07:02 Grwarior Young bull from Uttrakhand any couple or hotwife from Uttrakhand or near are free to dm

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2022.01.29 07:02 PorcupinePharmD Got covid

21w and I noticed some allergy symptoms and nausea this morning…not exactly uncommon, especially with all the weather changes. I took my temp anyway and everything was fine. I went to my OB appointment and all vitals were fine but during ultrasound, I started getting nauseous, flush and a headache. The tech said it was because I was laying on my back and it’s pretty common. On the way home, my nausea got worse, my head started pounding and my throat was hurting from all the sinus drainage. I took a home test and…very clearly positive. I’m so frustrated because I’m vaxxed and boosted and actually wear a KN95 in public (which is rare except at work). My city has been seeing a ~40% positivity rate and most don’t wear masks. My family who live in a different state are unvaccinated and had covid last week (haven’t been around them). They were are super concerned I got vaccinated, especially while pregnant and I really really don’t want to hear the whole “see you risked yourself with these vaccines and still got it like the rest of us” talk. Now I’m laying in bed awake because I’ve slept most of the day and my throat pain and sneezing is keeping me from dozing off. I’m tired, have a headache, congestion, sore throat, sneezing (which hurts my lower abdomen), dizzy when I change positions, upset stomach and I can hear my own pulse. Oh and my mouth is so dry. So much water and nothing. Cough drops help but then I choke on thickened saliva.
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2022.01.29 07:02 WillCorvete Sandwich

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2022.01.29 07:02 connection_lost [PC][2000-ish] Puzzle solving game that started with the main character (a detective?) goes to subway and pay for ticket

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Puzzle solving
Estimated year of release: 2000
Graphics/art style: UI looks like CSI Miami game. Top is the scene and bottom is items like this. picture quality is much lower. Game is 2D.
Other details: The game starts with the main character going to subway (maybe it's called underground if the game is British). I can interact with a sale behind the service counter to buy a ticket. To buy the ticket, I have to use my item "cash/coin" and give it to the sales guy. After taking the subway, the main character arrived at a hotel. The assistant behind counter asked for credit card, so I can use my item "credit card" to hand to the assistant. (I never proceed past this point so that's all I know.)
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2022.01.29 07:02 ignitingsparkgames We finally updated our game logo and cover.

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2022.01.29 07:02 Orionx92 Keep your head up champ. 10months NC

Still in No Contact but I used to post regularly on here and I figured ide give perspective.
Don't break it, I didn't. It's hard but you and your self worth are more important
0 reason to reach out minus children
Don't go bury yourself in alcohol, drugs, sex, dating. You need to heal, you need to find the you that existed before them.
People change, I'm not the same person I was when I was dating her this time last year.
Delete social media, you don't have to block but don't look.
Live life and enjoy. NC is about you, not them. They chose to go on without you and that should give you all the motivation.
They weren't that special, don't trick yourself. Here's a lyric and my closing statement.
"How the hell am I still in love with a chick there's atleast a million of"
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2022.01.29 07:02 Radiant-Gur1294 Bedrock cobble gen not working

For some reason the bedrock cobble gen feature is not working so i cant get andesite cobblestone from bedrock cobble generator due to this bug only way to get that is from igneous extruders i require assistance for this
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2022.01.29 07:02 coltlady Some garlic topped fried chicken with garlic bread for a wholesome Saturday afternoon lunch

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2022.01.29 07:02 potat0munch3r Anxiety is stupid...

Does anyone else feel this way? Like fuuuuck anxiety is stupid and I'm so over it. I'm 25 and I feel like I've straight up been having a panic attack since I was like 15 🥲 Yeah I've had great times in between but for nearly 10 years anxiety has just been in the passenger seat like "hey bitch, don't forget about me." IT'S SO DUMB!! I am so over it and I want it to just fuck off. Like why can't I just not feel this constant panic, even with all the counseling, supplements, trying different pharmaceuticals, it still just lingers. I think the only reason I continue to make it is because I'm like ssshnope fuck off all the time but some days I'm just exhausted.
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2022.01.29 07:02 Klutzy_Zelcore Flux Staking!


Zelcore has an 18% APY on staking Kadena right at this moment.

There is a maximum overall staked KDA allocation so begin staking today to secure your rewards.

Go have a look & happy staking!

Kind regards,
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2022.01.29 07:02 Lucifer090909 Need help finishing my pokedex in Omega Ruby. Willing to offer shinies!

I’m trying to finish my Pokédex. I have a bunch of shinies I got through wondertrade. I’m not sure if they’re legit I’m just in need of help with my Pokedex and willing to offer. I just need help.
Shinies I have: driftblim, toxicroak, slurpuff, zoroark, magnezone, parasect, steelix, altaria, marowak, machamp, cryogonal, trevenant, Lucia and gengar.
Pokemon I need for my Pokedex
Aromatisse Articuno Zapdos Moltres Mewtwo Furret Ledian Spinark Natu Hoppip Skiploom Jumploom Sudowoodo Yanma Slowking (I have a slowpoke holding a kings rock I just need to trade it.) Porgon 2 Hitmontop Blissey Houndour Houdoom Wormadam Celebi Kyogre Staravia Staraptor Qwilfish Ambipom Mime jr Chatot Munchlax Happiny Carnavine Weavile Mantyke Lickilicky Rhyperior Snover Electrive Magmortar Togekiss Yanmega Gliscor Porygon z
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2022.01.29 07:02 AccWithNoName You really thought I was permantly gone???!!! LIKE HELL!!! H E L I K O P T E R H E L I K O P T E R H E L I K O P T E R

Helikopter, helikopter Para kofer, para kofer
Helikopter, helikopter Šaljem ako treba Para kofer, para kofer Da bacaš sa neba Helikopter, helikopter Kolko treba zlata Samo da od doma otvoriš mi vrata?
Majko moja, kakva je Stvorena je za mene Majko moja, vidi je Vrh ljepote, takva je
Ne postoji blago to A ni cijena ta Na koju ne pristajem Da je imam ja
Helikopter, helikopter Šaljem ako treba Para kofer, para kofer Da bacaš sa neba Helikopter, helikopter Kolko treba zlata Samo da od doma otvoriš mi vrata?
Kao da je dragi Bog Baš za sebe stvorio Moje oko nikad ljepšu Od nje nije vidjelo
Ne postoji blago to A ni cijena ta Na koju ne pristajem Da je imam ja
Helikopter, helikopter Šaljem ako treba Para kofer, para kofer Da bacaš sa neba Helikopter, helikopter Kolko treba zlata Samo da od doma otvoriš mi vrata?
Helikopter, helikopter Šaljem ako treba Para kofer, para kofer Da bacaš sa neba Helikopter, helikopter Kolko treba zlata Samo da od doma otvoriš mi vrata?
Helikopter, helikopter Šaljem ako treba Para kofer, para kofer Da bacaš sa neba Helikopter, helikopter Kolko treba zlata Samo da od doma otvoriš mi vrata?
Helikopter, helikopter Šaljem ako treba Para kofer, para kofer Da bacaš sa neba Helikopter, helikopter Kolko treba zlata Samo da od doma otvoriš mi vrata?
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2022.01.29 07:02 WhenMachinesCry Underneath the dance floor

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2022.01.29 07:02 ICallJackEveryday What's essential is invisible to the eye

Sometimes in life, the most constant things loose their value.
Why? Because we feel that they will always be available anyways. We go through night and day feeling complete with them. Yet, we never really noticed that these small things define what is within that complete thing.
An animate value that lives and grows to help us live our lives often gets taken for granted.
We always chase for what we can't have now, or what we want to have in the future.
Today, I realized that I was one of them. I know that if you read this, you know it's you.
But thank you for the constant friendship and mentorship, anonymous Redditor. You made my life one more person fuller.
Thank you for the past 3 months. TG is still open if ever you wanna catch up.
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2022.01.29 07:02 Substantial-Wall-243 What are signs of schizophrenia?

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2022.01.29 07:02 NiceContribution8206 This guy reading the newspaper is finally a believer in this subreddit

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