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Bloom Disease Majin Sonic, don't worry everyone! He is immune! He's here to help his little buddy out!

2021.11.27 11:50 GemLight_074 Bloom Disease Majin Sonic, don't worry everyone! He is immune! He's here to help his little buddy out!

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2021.11.27 11:50 EDMLiveset MKN - 100% Reverse Bass Podcast 75

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2021.11.27 11:50 _ctrlaltdlt What color is tattoo ink?

I’m talking about a standard, “black and white” tattoo. I’ve heard black, gray, and blue. And to me it looks blueish on my skin. Is there a definitive answer?
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2021.11.27 11:50 rbxk downstate – fragile glass world

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2021.11.27 11:50 Not_a_Kryptonian I really hate seeing servers getting angry at or trying to call out customers for low tips, please read why before you get angry though.

I don't think that the servers doing this are stupid or bad people, they're us. I view it more as someone in an abusive relationship lashing out in a way they feel safe to do so. It is very understandable behavior that I can relate to, but that doesn't make it okay.
First let's talk about tipping. Skipping a bulk of tippings history (because there is A LOT of misinformation out there about it) let's just talk about what it accomplishes today. It is a way for employers to pay their employees subminimum wage. Some people love it because sometimes they can make more money because of it. Somehow it became such a common practice that we are EXPECTED to tip %20 of the bill, to the point that being a bad tipper gets you the label of cheapskate or jerk. It's actually insane to me that the service industry has put such a good spin on it that they aren't even considered part of the problem when a server sees they got a low tip, they're mad at the customer.
We are the servers and customers. The people going out to eat are the same underpaid under appreciated people of this sub. We should be united in trying to get living wages in the service industry, not getting mad at eachother. Get mad at them! I hear people saying things like "If you can't afford to tip then don't eat out", nah fuck that. If an employer can't pay living wages they shouldn't be in business. Someone in that restaurant is getting rich by exploiting you and expecting US to foot the bill. it's sick!
If I want to treat my family to something we can't afford very often, I look up the menu and get a ballpark of how much it'll cost and I save. I put in x amount of hours at my underpaid job to save up $500 for my family and me to have a nice dinner. You're telling me you'd get mad at ME for not saving up the other $100 to pay your wages that your boss should be paying you!? The service industry has beaten you down, you are a victim getting beaten a little worse than the rest of us and taking your frustrations out on the rest of us because real change is hard to make happen. Please stop. We are you. If you can't afford to not get tipped please understand we cannot afford to tip you for the same reasons.
20% GRATUITY should not be EXPECTED. For the love of God let's please end this despicable "Tip Credit" once and for all, and until then try to have some understanding for eachother. I'll tip what I can when I can because I understand it's the situation we're all stuck with. Antiworkers unite, don't let service industry business owners divide us with their insatiable greed.
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2021.11.27 11:50 rubes___ [Ameé Ruszkai] “Jess Carter replaces Demi Stokes. Carter’s first England appearance since November 28, 2017 - four years ago tomorrow.”

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2021.11.27 11:50 HighFrameRate Looking for some recommendations $100-$200

I plan to get these and take them on road trips. Right now, I’ve been investing a lot of research and planning into the Arizona/Utah area. I’d be using them in only daylight, and intend to gaze on views similar to the Grand Canyon. That’s about all the information I think I can give, given I’m unknowledgeable on all of this.
Also, Christmas sales are coming up, and Black Friday just passed. I don’t mind waiting till Christmas if it means I can get a better deal on something that may be out of my price range currently, but not when it’s on sale.
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2021.11.27 11:50 GetOnMyAmazingHorse In search of a good lightly peated/smoky scotch

Hi, I need help from you guys , I need to find a scotch that is not so expe sick for myself, I'm in Canada and prices are steep.
I was introduced to smoky/peated scotch with Lagavulin 16 and I liked it, was a lot smoky and leathery, I tried a Bowmore 18 and it was smooth, light smoked/peated and liked it too. So I thought I would buy for myself a Talisker 10 since it's not too expensive here (CAD$80) and people are saying it is less smoky than Lagavulin 16, wow was I wrong, I will drink it and will probably get used to it but its like drinking scotch that was used to put out a campfire! I might get used to it but I would prefer something that has around the smoke level of the Bowmore 18 but in a sub CAD$100 pricetag.
Also I am quite new to peated scotch, can you guys help me understand the difference between smoky and peated?
Can you guys help me find a good bottle that won't break my piggy bank? Tha k you
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2021.11.27 11:50 EDMLiveset Sam Townend - Untidy Radio 050

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2021.11.27 11:50 meatwaterdogparty 208 - RED CAT

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ACC 1 - Childe - Qiqi - Primordial Jade Wing Spear -EU
ACC 2 Albedo on EU Eula and Mona on Asia
LF: An ar 45-50 acc with 1-2 5 star characters
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2021.11.27 11:50 kevinkaye Grow Your Channel # 316 - Playlist Buddies & Small YouTubers Support

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2021.11.27 11:50 Palamono Why Does the Movement Feel so choppy and not smooth

I’m on Xbox series x and the movement feels slow and and choppy like am lagging even though I’m not? I also feel like I only get like 40 fps and I’m on a next gen console.
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2021.11.27 11:50 aaronstephen103 Left thumb better recognized than right thumb. Only me?

Somehow my S20FE unlocks better with my left thumb then with my right thumb, I rescanned my fingers multiple times. Is it only me or do others have the same issue? Just curious.
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2021.11.27 11:50 somama98 What if they went for this story in Trigger?

What if TsuPro decided to give Tiga a son that is Trigger but somehow he ends up in another universe (with Kengo and the storyline almost remaining the same as now but with some twists). Tiga and Cameara had a son together before splitting apart called Trigger and somehow Cameara gets revived in the series(But with Light side). How would the story change just with the addition of Tiga and Cameara?
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2021.11.27 11:50 Draco137WasTaken The only thing that matters

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2021.11.27 11:50 stingthescribe Here’s my handwriting!! Is there anything I can improve?

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2021.11.27 11:50 TheOneFromtheuskand ich🐦💩iel

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2021.11.27 11:50 OrangeYoungNobleman 訳アリ“iPad 2017”が19,990円から、秋葉館やイオシスで中古品セール

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2021.11.27 11:50 Mama_Mega_ The Four Horsemen Franchises of Incomprehensible Plotlines

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2021.11.27 11:50 BiKingGF Keywords: eNaira, South Korea, grayscale, V God

  1. Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria: eNaira APP has been downloaded nearly 600,000 times;
  2. South Korea's legislation on encrypted assets may include virtual currency in the scope of system supervision;
  3. Central Bank Wang Xin: Continue to implement a prudent monetary policy;
  4. Most Indian encryption companies have not yet formulated a backup plan to deal with the encryption ban;
  5. Real estate companies supported by Bezos will accept Bitcoin as a payment method;
  6. Submit a new ETF application in grayscale;
  7. V God and others proposed EIP-4488, which aims to reduce the gas fee of the second-tier expansion solution of Ethereum;
  8. The mayor of West Springfield in the United States plans to study whether to use cryptocurrency for payment and investment.
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2021.11.27 11:50 HashuGP Thread: Hot Deals:: [Top Shelf Gamer] 25% Discount Black Friday Sale

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2021.11.27 11:50 Silken_Healer https://ubq323.website/ffbm/

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2021.11.27 11:50 Stealher Does minoxidyl make hair grow faster?

I bought minox because i had a bad haircut and i have to regrow it. And after research i figured it will speed up my hair growth. Is this correct? If its not true i will just give it to my dad or something.
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2021.11.27 11:50 Angelhht Azure moon

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