Dear Anova, update your oven recipe page

2021.11.27 11:43 TheBulkMaster Dear Anova, update your oven recipe page

The sous vide recipe page lets you sort by beef, cocktails/beverage, desserts, eggs, fish and seafood, fruits, game, lamb, pork, poultry, suaces/condiments, soups, vegetables, others
The oven page has 26 pages of randomly ordered non sortable recipes then curated categories called "recipes we love", "fall veggies", "first cooks", "our best desserts", "one pan meals", and "super cheesy"
Sorry but these are next to useless. Just let us search by normal categories please
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2021.11.27 11:43 colontragedy LC-3 memory size question

The LC-3 has 65,536 memory locations (the maximum that is addressable by a 16-bit unsigned integer 216), each of which stores a 16-bit value. This means it can store a total of only 128kb, which is a lot smaller than you may be used to! In our program, this memory will be stored in a simple array
Can someone help me to understand why and how the size of the memory is 128kb (kilobits)? I really might be this dense, but I don't get it.
Sorry in advance if not correct sub, I thought this would be the closest one.
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2021.11.27 11:43 WanderingRobotStudio Stream-Safe Holiday Music Thread

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2021.11.27 11:43 type_ace [EU-NL} [H] Black KBD8X + Numpad, cheap XD64, [W] RAMA Hitmarker Keycap, PayPal

Ho ho ho!

Looking for a nice present to push a friend or family member into this money draining, never ending kind of hobby? I've got some deals for you that might arrive just in time for Sinterklaas/Christmas!

I'm looking for a present too, I'd like a RAMA Hitmarker cap, preferably from within the EU because of ridiculous import fees.

Thanks a bunch!

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2021.11.27 11:43 Dreamsof899 Anyone see this new Fit body kit?

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2021.11.27 11:43 alexnapierholland Is there a better way to manage Apple Watch music?

I use my Apple Watch to track workouts and play music.
(My iPhone's where it belongs - in my locker).
I use Apple Music - as the Spotify app is total trash.
I like the idea of having a regularly rotated set of albums to listen to.
However, doing this from the Apple Watch is a pain.
I just added 10 albums - but have no idea when they'll be finished.

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2021.11.27 11:43 MexWhoCan B4B

Help me out!
Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂
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2021.11.27 11:43 papas-walking-stick The guys at the mental hospital didn’t know if i was a boy of a girl and I’m still happy about it :)

I’m Amab and i just turned 18 (not out as a girl yet) and about 2 months ago I kind of had to stay in a mental hospital for alittle bit for suicidal thoughts, i was in the boys unit that was kind of small (only about 6 People when I got there) and I made a couple of friends including my roommate Who arrived a couple of days after me with about six or seven other people. One night me and him were laughing and joking about stupid stuff and he said “(name), do you people not know your gender a lot?” Me:“I don’t know, why?” Roommate:”it’s hard to tell, like five people came up to me asking what gender you are”
I’ll never forget how happy I felt :) it gives me hope
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2021.11.27 11:43 zirklutes I am always boggled how do players after 180 hours play time still end up with not recommended? (Game price 25eur)

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2021.11.27 11:43 howie2020 California Greens are invited to the next GPCA General Assembly, December 4-5

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2021.11.27 11:43 Lymfatx [Belgium] Majority of booster doses should be administered by March 2022

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2021.11.27 11:43 waseem335 check me

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2021.11.27 11:43 Lucas-Gallo Where would you put Clover in a tier list?

View Poll
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2021.11.27 11:43 Vvincevnt 43% off Levi's Men's 511 Slim Fit Jean on Amazon today

43% off Levi's Men's 511 Slim Fit Jean on Amazon today.
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2021.11.27 11:43 NKNZ Built a new computer, and it is underperforming based on online benchmarks

Hello everyone,
As the title implies, I recently built a new computer with pretty decent specs, and obviously, the first thing I did was ran bunch of benchmarks I could think of. The benchmarks were lower than expected since I compared my results to reference results found in the internet, which represent what I should be getting.
The question is - what steps should be taken in order to maximize the performance? I've done the basic stuff, such as upgraded to all latest drivers on chipset, BIOS, software updates, etc. I also have enabled D.O.C.P in BIOS and it appears that my RAM is working fine. I have attached the links of benchmarks and also the specs I'm running, below:
GPU: Gigabyte RTX 3080 Ti Vision OC
CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core CPU
RAM: 8x2 TridentZ Neo RGB 3600MHz CL16 RAM (16GB)
PSU: Corsair RM850
SSD: 1TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVME and some old secondary NVME SSD I found, used for nothing, just installed
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM
Monitor: Asus TUF 170Hz 27" IPS
Disclaimer: All components are running at stock clocks and are not overclocked.
Note: The gaming performance, to me, seems okay, I can get 110-130 FPS in 4K Ultra in BF2042, but it's just that the benchmarks, especially TimeSpy, indicates that I am not getting the full experience. There are people that get 18K+ GPU score in TimeSpy with a stock 3080.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.11.27 11:43 Blackninja127 I am soo close to 100 subs,it would mean the world to me if I hit 100 subs (will sub back if u sub)

Latest vid: Channel:
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2021.11.27 11:43 Hellahoomps I think Dominies would like to accept doge coin

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2021.11.27 11:43 WinchelltheMagician Street battle reporting from the Nauvoo Civil War, September 1846

Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, 9/30/1846....the intro comments are by the newspaper editor, preceding the letters sent from a battlefield reporter. I have included excepts from the letter only (because the print is bad, so I transcribed only portions...because I am lazy). Terrible scenes of terrorism took place as the battle for Nauvoo unfolded. Other newspapers described two groups of Anti-Mormon forces that systematically drove Mormons from their farms (outside of Nauvoo) group drove the people out, the other torched the farms. A reporter noted from a high point, he could see plumes of dark smoke rising from the surrounding countryside, marking where Anti-forces were on the move, burning Mormon farms. This is terrible stuff, and the kind of house to house, street battle combat, that my TBM brother has been dreaming about for 50 yrs because it brings him closer to Christ.
Civil War at Nauvoo
Descriptive of the scenes of violence and bloodshed of which Nauvoo and its vicinity are now the theater… How is it that the public authorities of Illinois can sit still, with arms folded, and suffer mob law and anarchy to work their will in Hancock County, without the slightest effort to prevent, or repress these outrages and punish the perpetrators, we cannot comprehend. Here are two armed bodies of men, inhabitants of the same state, entitled to the same rights and immunities and bound to obey the same laws, waging against each other as fierce and exterminating a war as if they were the subjects or citizens of two distinct and hostile governments. We know not what peculiar notions of Executive responsibility Governor Ford may entertain, but we are utterly at a loss to conceive how he can reconcile it with any ideas of official duty to keep aloof from the scene of strife and suffering civil war to rage, unchecked and almost unheeded, in the very heart of the State….Shame upon Illinois that such things are suffered in her midst in this day and generation!
Warsaw, IL, Sept 12 1846
The battle between the two parties was resumed today at 1 pm and last an hour and a half. 180 to 200 shots were fired from the cannons of both sides. Those from the Mormons were entirely harmless. The fire from the Anties raked the city, rattling and crashing through those temporary Mormon buildings. The Mormons were entrenched in their houses and had greatly the advantage of the Anties who had to fire from exposed positions. Both parties fought well.
The Anties can effect nothing until they drive the Mormons from their houses with cannon ball. The Mormons have a species of gun they manufacture themselves, which they call a sixteen shooter, and which will discharge sixteen times without reloading. At a short distance they are very effective and give the Mormons a great advantage over their enemies. There is no telling where this thing will end as both parties appear determined to fight it out.
During Friday night, the Mormons threw up entrenchments across three of the principal streets leading into Nauvoo. The Anti-Mormons divided their forces (to the north, the south, and one to a street not entrenched)
On the Mormon side, Captain Anderson was killed by a musket ball which struck him in the neck. His son, a boy of about 14 yrs of age, was killed by a six pound shot which struck his shoulder, carrying away the upper part of his body.
The Mormon force is estimated at from 500 to 600, our informant states they have very little ammunition and almost entirely destitute of provisions. Many of them, men and women, swear they will die on the soil before they will be driven away. The scenes of distress and alarm to be witnessed in the city is truly appalling. Women and children frantically running in the streets, with their husbands in the field, and they without home or refuge from the storm. In many cases, the balls fired by the Anties are gathered up by the women and carried to the Mormon camp to be used again. The Mormons occasionally fired a cannon, but without effect. The only artillery of the Mormons are some cannons they manufactured themselves out of the shafts of steam boats, which poorly answer the purpose they were intended for, and give the Anties great advantage over them as they have five first rate six pounders. Some of the Mormon leaders say they’ve laid mines in the streets, by which they hope to effect great destruction of the Anties if they gain an entrance into the city. It is said that the Mormons make a fortress of the Temple, and today the Anties will probably try to batter it down with their six pounders. Today I expect there to be fun, and if the Mormons come out and give the Anties a fair fight, there will be much blood spilled. It was reported yesterday that the Mormons are 800 strong. It was also reported that they had imprisoned all the new citizens, who refused to fight for them, in the temple. Neither of these stories were credited. [*Converts immigrating from the UK were forced to join the ragged remains of the Nauvoo Legion and fight the Anties. In Ireland, a published letter in the press warned potential converts that all males are forced to pick up a gun and fight once they arrive at Nauvoo (and young women are fed into the Spiritual Wife system). A report in a different newspaper in IL described the Mormon militia forces at Nauvoo as made up of the “new citizens” from the UK, none of which were experienced with guns-making them lousy on the battlefield.]
Warsaw, IL, Sept 14, 1846
The belligerent forces at Nauvoo have skirmishes every day. I visited Montrose yesterday…I saw there something of the suffering and destitution produced amongst the Mormons by this outrageous war. Many families of women and children had been sent over the river without shelter or food, some of them very sick. Mrs. Smith herself crossed and begged quarters on board of the steamboat Moona…crowded full of women and children from Nauvoo. Other boats were taking those that wished to go up river without charge. Some of the strongest Anti- Mormons at Montrose were contributing to the relief of these distressed creatures, rather than see them in a suffering condition, but if the war lasts much longer, their numbers will be so great that the citizens of Montrose cannot relieve them, even if they had the disposition.
The Mormons urged by a set of unprincipled men who call themselves Jack Mormons, have brought this state of things upon themselves. However much it is to be regretted that unnecessary suffering should be produced, it is the inevitable consequence of civil war, which the Mormons have foreseen and might have avoided.
Nothing is thought of but the expulsion of the Mormons from the State. Whatever the citizens of the country possess, is at the disposal of the camp (Anti-Mormon camp); it is contributed without money, without price. What is sent to the mill here from different parts of the county, to supply the camp with bread. A baker hero with several hands has devoted himself exclusively to their service for three weeks, a butcher at Carthage has done the same. There are from 100 to 150 wagons and teams all the time, at or employed for the camp, and last, through not least, nearly, if not quite 1000 men constantly on duty. I estimate it costs to maintain such a force $1000 per day.
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2021.11.27 11:43 Prachu101 If Teenage was a video game, what would be it's loading screen tips

If you ask me, it should be to maintain your health and workout a bit. My body wasn't same after I had covid. Even if i recovered , i had to take supplements every now and then.
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2021.11.27 11:43 Mst3Kgf Found the trailer for "The Christmas Dragon." This thing looks like either the weirdest ever Hallmark Holiday Film or another "Quest of the Delta Knights" filmed by a bunch of LARPers at a Renaissance Festival.

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2021.11.27 11:43 Siege_Barber Verb vs Ice just dropped on the app 🔥

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2021.11.27 11:43 UbuyYU 14% off Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch, Military Standard Certified, Tough Body on Amazon today

14% off Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch, Military Standard Certified, Tough Body on Amazon today.
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2021.11.27 11:43 Anonutopia Gopnik For Sale

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2021.11.27 11:43 throwawaythigh_highs How far is Real from ending?

I’ve just finished Vagabond and, although I haven’t read that much manga yet (FullMetal Alchemist, Monster, and Berserk are all I have read), Vagabond is by far my favorite manga. I’d like to read Real too (and slam dunk eventually), but I want to know if the manga is close to the ending. If it is, I’d prefer to wait until it ends and then read it. Thanks
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2021.11.27 11:43 cpeyton94 Scottish beard

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