Darkrai adding 3 more - 2134 6205 2037 starting at ~6:40 EST

2021.10.27 19:34 ClassicCake Darkrai adding 3 more - 2134 6205 2037 starting at ~6:40 EST

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2021.10.27 19:34 peopletheory [WTS] 2021 Morgan Dollars O and CC Privy Marks

Hi everyone!
Today I'm selling five US Mint 2021 Morgan Dollar Coins. Three of them bear the Carson City Privy Mark and two of them have the New Orleans Privy Mark.
The first one I actually opened up, the shown Carson City coin, had an orange thread or fiber inside of the US Mint's coin capsule. I'll allow you the fun of removing it and/or inspecting the remaining ones.
The price for these items is $210 each. Alternatively, you can buy all of them for $1000.00. Both of these options include any Flat Rate Box Shipping that might be applicable for the number of items you are purchasing(either small or medium box). Additional insurance, requested services, or different carrier shipment comes at the expense of the buyer.
Once the purchased items are in the possession of the US Postal Service, I am no longer responsible for the items.
Forms of Payment Accepted are Zelle and CashApp.
At the time of posting, there are
3 "Carson City" coins available 2 "New Orleans" coins available
Happy Halloween to you all![PROOF](https://imgur.com/a/x4UIm5H)
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2021.10.27 19:34 SamZeore Encore une histoire de ‘tit scargot! (Celui-ci adore grimper un peu partout mais se casse facilement la ueulg... :’)

Encore une histoire de ‘tit scargot! (Celui-ci adore grimper un peu partout mais se casse facilement la ueulg... :’) submitted by SamZeore to rance [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 19:34 nrpjava ITAP - Today's Dusk.

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2021.10.27 19:34 OstellaCallisto Thoughts on my essence? I included some recent yet “older” looks I had within the past year! Did black and white for one for contrast sake.

Thoughts on my essence? I included some recent yet “older” looks I had within the past year! Did black and white for one for contrast sake. submitted by OstellaCallisto to DressForYourBody [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 19:34 DiscLink Any pointers anyone?

I am level 18 and new to New World. I notice that the progression in this game is really repetitive, not sure if I am following the main story line or just doing side quests for armor and weapons, or being force to travel on foot to far location because fast travel be wanting a lot of azoth and a pair of your limbs. What do you guys do to keep yourself from not wanting to play anymore? Lol
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2021.10.27 19:34 nefelibata994 Juliana's IG story kinda glitched yesterday, for a tiny part of a sec you could see an unedited photo, here are the screenshots

Juliana's IG story kinda glitched yesterday, for a tiny part of a sec you could see an unedited photo, here are the screenshots submitted by nefelibata994 to 90dayfianceuncensored [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 19:34 8boy09 Which one is the better DLC?

View Poll
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2021.10.27 19:34 Envak_Enkaqti_Magoi [For Hire] Hi, I’m available for commissions. Cover Art, Illustration, Character art and More⭐️

[For Hire] Hi, I’m available for commissions. Cover Art, Illustration, Character art and More⭐️ submitted by Envak_Enkaqti_Magoi to HungryArtists [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 19:34 IAmNormaBates We have these trees where I work. What are these and are they edible?

We have these trees where I work. What are these and are they edible? submitted by IAmNormaBates to whatsthisplant [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 19:34 LongjumpingAd8251 Worried I have developed an eating disorder

I’m worried I have a form of an eating disorder
For context I’m F(19) in uni! Recently I feel as though ive come to the realization that when I feel like I’m overly stressed and losing control of my life I unintentionally starve myself. It’s like my mind will conveniently forget and not think about the fact that the only thing I’ve had to eat all day is two cookies and a coffee. This isn’t the first time it’s happened but when I relapse back into this behaviour I never fully realize until I start binging at night because that’s my body’s way of telling me im starving. It’s disturbing to me because not only do I feel like I’m betraying my body, when I’m failing at everything else in life its like the most important thing to me that must be maintained is my appearance and if my face looks skinny and I look pretty nobody will be able to tell that anything is wrong. I hate that I’m valuing all the wrong things and don’t know what to do/what’s wrong with me. I don’t want this to develop into something serious.
*Does anyone know what I’m going through and know how I should proceed?
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2021.10.27 19:34 reNIRVANA Went from 8.1 at diagnosis to 5.9 in 2 months but lost all motivation in past month. Help lol.

I can’t seem to get back on track . 😩
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2021.10.27 19:34 MPX_PrimusX Durch

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2021.10.27 19:34 Freebandzx3tony Can you smoke once your inside?

First time coming and wanted to take a couple blunts , will security flip out if they see you smoking ?
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2021.10.27 19:34 riad0077 new drawing i made of "Tōshirō Hitsugaya" , hope you like it !

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2021.10.27 19:34 scraggle_baggy Cancork / iCork / Forna Cork Flooring?

Anyone have experience with Cancork flooring (iCork in the US? Believe the product they sell is Forna).
We're tearing out our basement carpet and are thinking of cork. Would really like to avoid vinyl due to health and environmental concerns. But hearing some negative things about cork.
Would love to hear experience with offgassing... Company says there are no VOCs and no formaldehyde used but I'm skeptical based on other blogs (my chemical free home).
Any other feedback also appreciated!
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2021.10.27 19:34 scarcrowsksksksksk smh lions

who else got pissed wacthing us play the lions
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2021.10.27 19:34 CharredPC The Unemployed Blues (Top Ten Annoyances Rant)

I'm a Gen-X-er looking for work. After scouring hundreds of job postings, I've seen some common trends. While all too normalized, I think they deserve closer scrutiny. Play along with my top ten list by commenting if you recognize any, or suggest ones of your own to add! And yes, these are all from actual adverts I've been seeing:

  1. "Must Thrive in High-Pressure, Fast-Paced Environments" While I think most of us are capable of handling occasional 'crunch time' when needed, purposely and permanently short-staffed businesses are burning out workers in these now high-turnover positions that used to be done by multiple people. Pounding energy drinks and doing the work of three people to increase profits you don't share in isn't reasonable.
  2. "Looking To Fill DishwasheFood Prep/Maintenance Job" Back in the 90's I was a dishwasher at a steakhouse buffet. Sure, I'd help out the guys unloading freight from the supply trucks, or go grab bus-pans when there wasn't a busboy working and the servers were busy. But today multiple jobs are combined into one role. To wash dishes now also entails making the food and keeping the parking lot clean, apparently.
  3. "Looking For Young, Energetic People Who Want to Work" Where do I begin? First off, ageism much? Secondly, who actually wakes up everyday with the thought "Gee, I really want to work!" ? We want to pay bills so we can keep housing and clothing ourselves. But unless you're manic by nature or on crack, who genuinely is "wanting to work"? I think it's just preference for workers who can convincingly lie about it.
  4. "Must Be Available For All Shifts Including Holidays" Or, to put it another way, "You must be okay with us owning your life, and not having a home/work balance." People who take these jobs only do so because they have zero choice, and are willing to sacrifice total control of their most valuable asset - time - so bills can get paid. Usually this requirement is coupled with being on-call for extra shifts as well.
  5. "We Hire Happy People! ... And Pay Only Minimum Wage" There's this repeating-mantra insistence of HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY coming from corporations - who expect cheerfulness without creating an environment that warrants it. No, you can't have economic security or benefits or a stake in the company, but you better be smiling about it or you'll get replaced! Once again, they are recruiting for performative liars.
  6. "Experience Required ... And Pay Only Minimum Wage" You might be able to rationalize that entry-level, zero-experience jobs should pay only minimum wage. But when you need prior knowledge, training, or schooling, paying minimum wage is undeniably unfair. They're literally requesting your extra value for free. This also has variations, like paying a whole twenty or thirty cents higher than minimum wage.
  7. "Immediate Hire! Start Delivering Today With ____!" God, these are everywhere. Not just food delivery services, but middlemen companies who operate between you and those food delivery services. You use your own vehicle (if it's new enough to qualify) and become one of who knows how many freelancers competing for a chance to make a few bucks that realistically won't ever offset the cost of car maintenance.
  8. "Desperately Hiring! Urgently Need Position Filled!" Except that same job posting mysteriously stays up for weeks, even after you apply only hours after it goes up. How desperate are they, really? How urgent is the need if there isn't even a response to a qualified applicant? These are doubly annoying when they get posted again verbatim a week or two later - often with the original ad still up as well...
  9. "Work From Home - Earn Up To $2,000 Every Month!" The devil is ALWAYS in the details with these. It is either transcription gigs at 30 cents a job, or based on sales, or recruiters getting referral bonuses for signing up people to boost the numbers of gig workers fighting over $2 jobs, or outright scams (not that the others aren't). The carrot is never achievable, and is only advertised to lure suckers.
  10. "Screw You, Jeff Bezos" (okay, not a real ad...) Maybe it's just in my area (there are multiple Amazon warehouses around here) but every third job listing seems to be for Amazon. Be an order picker! Be a delivery driver! Not everyone would mind this, I guess, but for anyone aware of the state of the world and how Jeffery helps ruin it, these are spam. Being part of the problem is not worth a paycheck to me.
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2021.10.27 19:34 vomit-gold If there was a documentary by trans people to educate cis people about what we go through, what would you want to be in it?

What's some things you think they should know, topics you'd wanna see, or problems that go underrepresented? What are some perspectives that need to be brought up? Things to avoid?
And what would you personally wanna watch/learn in this documentary to make you feel at home, from one trans person to another?
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2021.10.27 19:34 mikurz Rodezel:hol- el chat:

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2021.10.27 19:34 mariaraquelc [FOR HIRE] Icon/Avatar/Bust up commissions open! 35$/40$ Info on the images

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2021.10.27 19:34 DOGGO258 Opening rooms without needing to put in a code???

I just saw a floor mate open his dorm door by sliding the card into the slot and opening the door without needing to put in a code. This is in Merrill, and from my knowledge, all the dorm doors require card first, then code.
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2021.10.27 19:34 akakihonou [Proof of concept] Bingo But Fast, but it's actually bingo now (BBFBIABN)

[Proof of concept] Bingo But Fast, but it's actually bingo now (BBFBIABN) Nevermind the name lol
Guess this is a series now. Another proof of concept and a random shower thought for MCC I had. This is definitely not a polished idea, so take this idea lighheartedly.
The game
  • Mostly the same as the old Bingo But Fast - the main objective is to craft/collect the items.
  • Mobs now spawn in a set radius around the spawn. No other mobs will spawn outside that area. This is an attempt to reduce the spawning problem the game had.
  • BBF is now actually bingo.
  • Game duration (could be) increased from 8 to 10 minutes.
  • Item difficulty increased - this means some items will be overall harder to get/craft.

The coin rewards
Old scoring system:
  • 25 items.
  • 45, 30, 20, 10, 5 for 1st to 5th teams to get an item (x4)
  • Total of 440 coins/item (11000 coins in total)

New scoring proposal:
  • 25 items.
  • "The golden X" (seen below) - Those will be the hardest items to acquire.
  • 27.5, 20, 15, 10 and 5 coins for 1st to 5th teams/player (7750 coins in total) (may need more tweaking)
  • Bingo now rewards coins. You can still complete a bingo with an unavailable item (if you weren't the 5th team or higher to get it).
  • Lines, collumns and diagonals will give a special bonus (aka bingo), but (regular) bonuses are limited to 1 line, 1 collumn and 1 diagonal. This is an attempt to prevent snowballing and the creation of massive coin gaps.
  • The 1st line and collumn will reward 40 coins/player. Each additional line/collumn will reward 10 coins/player. A message will be sent in chat every time a team gets a bingo (like SoT and the vaults)
  • The 1st diagonal will reward 80 coins/player. The second diagonal will reward 40 coins/player. Additionally, when completing the golden X, a golden message will be sent in chat: "[Team] has achieved the golden X" - for flexing purposes.
  • Looking at Aqua from MCC 8 (one of - if not the best performances), and assuming an average of 20 coins per item and that they got 19 items in total, 1 diagonal and 1 line, the team would have received 20x4x19 + 80x4 + 40x4 = 2000 - a value very close to their actual coins (2180 unmultiplied).
  • Completing all the board (including those already acquired by 5 teams) will reward nothing, but will display a message in chat (again, for flexing purposes) - I wanted to reward the team, but if they managed to complete the whole board, they probably already have too much coins already. A small amount would probably be fine though.
  • More tweaking may be necessary.
Example card - Not supposed to be accurate.
Extra ideas (that didn't make it into the initial game idea)
  • Items now can be "item sets" - meaning you would need multiple item quantity or types to complete it. For example, an iron armour set would be all iron armour pieces. This would open up possibilities for more items and more uses of materials.
  • Multidimensional bingo (aka massive lag): The end portal and the nether portal are available in the spawn. Items now can use any of the items available there.
  • Players are now immortal - now they can focus on gathering items without the worry of dying.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to give your opinions, ask questions and discuss about this!
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2021.10.27 19:34 Falcon21104 Yes

I just WISH that I can get a huge MARK up with DWAC and SEEL it up with a win.
I'm to retarded to make a better sentence but I gave it my best effort. Did a YOLO today with all of these hoping for the memes to persevere
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2021.10.27 19:34 RusticBohemian How well does mudbrick hold up to a moderate flooding event such as a river overflowing its banks? Will the mudbricks be completely destroyed?

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