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Is there such thing as seasonal Thrips?

2021.09.16 18:27 nativebe11e Is there such thing as seasonal Thrips?

This happened to me around the same time last year. Basically overnight I noticed a ton of damage on my plants. After doing a ton of research I chalked it up to Thrips. I got rid of a huge number of my plants and spent hours trying to save my others with neem oil, spinosad, and dish soap. They eventually were completely eradicated. Fast forward to now - the same thing is happening again. I am almost getting ready to throw in the towel and get rid of them all. Could this be something other than thrips? pics for reference.
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2021.09.16 18:27 Asil001 Wkbrl is ending on the exact same day as the Investor video being published

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2021.09.16 18:27 JewbearE5 Do you do Insight Checks in private or out loud?

I am the DM of an in-person game with 4 of my friends as players. I have always handled Insight Checks in the same way; if the player rolls high enough to glean info from an NPC I will either whisper to them or send them a message over discord. This is because the couple times that I said the results of an Insight Check out loud, the PCs that were not part of that check ended up acting on that knowledge, to which I called them out. Plus, I also see private Insight Check results as a great way to kick start RP.
The issue is that now, 2 of my players (that never do or ask for Insight Checks) have stated they think the player that gets the Insight Check results secretly is getting and keeping secret info from the party and it has started to cause issues. The player that gets the results does not view it in that manner as they then RP the results of the Insight Check, but they aren't straight up saying "Hey this is what I learned from my check." Instead they say things like "So I noticed during the conversation that Boblin kept avoiding eye contact. I think he was nervous and omitted some details."
Before anyone says it, yes we will be having a discussion at our next session to make sure everyone is on the same page.
But I am curious how other DMs handle Insight Checks. Do you give the results in private to the player that rolled, or do you just say out loud "You can tell that the guard is nervous, but you get the sense that his duty comes before his personal fears"?
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2021.09.16 18:27 lavendarcandles224 Is this responsibility on me to find a day that works to hang?

A guy texted me and asked to hangout. Here’s how the convo went.
Him: if you ~want~ to actually hangout, I leave out of town Friday
Me: I’m at a work conference the rest of this week, then headed home for Yom Kippur. When you’re back in town, let me know. Have fun
Him: Can you schedule something
Me: Does next Friday work?
Him: I have friends coming into town that weekend…..
Me: Gotcha, maybe another time then
End of convo, no response. Was it up to me to find a new day that works in his schedule? I got rude vibes all around from this guy…?
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2021.09.16 18:27 raquelmckay My partner and I are on a break but I don't know how to handle it

F(18) NB(20)
My partner and I were dating over the summer for around 2 months. Although it was such a short amount of time, we really spent almost every moment together and really connected. After a few weeks they told me they loved me, and this was all after they had gotten out of an incredibly toxic relationship so they definitely took their time with saying that. We're both at college now. They are in their senior year while I'm in my freshman year, so we decided to take a break.
We kinda saw this coming and talked about it months in advance but now that it's happening I can't help but regret my decision sometimes. I miss them a lot, honestly there are times I get extremely emotional because of how much I miss them. They're the best partner I've ever had, and I can't help but wish they were here right next to me.
I always tell them I miss them, and on one occasion I mentioned how I still love them. They haven't really done the same back though. They've been much better with the break though. They're not really talking to me much or being very affectionate. I can't help but feel I don't really matter that much anymore. Even when I told them I was having a hard time they said "well try to remember you wanted this too"
Plus the other day I was trying to show off my partner to some friends and noticed that they had deleted pictures of us off of their social media. It broke my heart in a way.
I mean we're still talking a bit. Occasionally they send me pictures or a meme, or tell me about things going on. Although most of our conversations are now a bit more blunt and brief. I even helped them and supported them when their crazy ex was talking shit online and it made them upset.
on top of all this, i don't know if we're still exclusive, especially since they mentioned a funny story where they got hit on but realized the person was too young for them. it just made me uncomfortable because the idea of losing this person makes me want to cry. although i love them and want them to be happy, I still love them so so much.
I don't even know if they want to get back together at some point. They occasionally say stuff like "I know we're on a break but-" which makes me assume that maybe we'll get back at some point?
I don't know what to do. I'm just heartbroken but also trying to give them space. I hope they know I'm not even interested in a single person here. I just wish I could have them back in my arms.
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2021.09.16 18:27 TomH2118 Yahoo Sport claiming Hughton wasn’t given enough time and possibly a racial motivation.

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2021.09.16 18:27 Ndivided132 Looking for insight

Hello firearms I’m looking for your opinions on what you would do.
Say you have $500 would you buy a Cosmoline filled SKS
Or would you buy a PSA lower parts kit + Complete upper with the A2 front sight post?
I currently have an AR with a flattop upper but I’m not a fan of it since I don’t like optics and I would like the A2 sight (my opinion) it seems like a better deal to order the whole kit minus the lower receiver because I can build another one down the road
The SKS on the other hand is a sharp looking firearm and I’d like to have a piece of that history.
I don’t have any 7.62x39 ammo so I would need to stock up on that if I bought the SKS but I torn between what to do
TLDR: What would you do. SKS or complete AR parts kit. Minus the lower
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2021.09.16 18:27 Winter_Source4490 Fan made poster for Ponniyin Selvan

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2021.09.16 18:27 jsabs16 8 Person PPR league

I have Saquon, Ekeler, Carson, CEH and Edmonds at rb . Jefferson, Robinson, Aiyuk, Golladay, Sutton and Landry at wr
View Poll
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2021.09.16 18:27 AdamFidelio tHe MoSt pOPuLar PrEsiDeNT iN hIsTOrY

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2021.09.16 18:27 Bodybuilder-More UGRILUJTE.CZ – Nejlepší zahradní grily a výbava na grilování

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2021.09.16 18:27 SBB_S21 I made this whit my friend

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2021.09.16 18:27 goldcoveredroses where do you find groupchats for courses?

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2021.09.16 18:27 inkdfrancis All my favorite parts of Northern California 💚

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2021.09.16 18:27 DistancedThoughts 💭

It’s all been tough already.
The only constant is that you remain the first thing I think of, the last before I got to bed, and every minute in-between.
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2021.09.16 18:27 Da_Gudz Idea that could be cool/could’ve been cool

NOTE: I don’t know much about the egg currently since Quackity blew it up but i also think the egg can survive explosions unless I’m misremembering something
On to the idea
When quackity blew up the egg all he did was aerosolize it, but it’s been mutating now the egg is ready to act
Suddenly a lot of people who are Whitelisted on the SMP start streaming, they go on for like 15 minutes before suddenly they hear a low rumbling voice telling them it can give them everything they wish for
Then a significant people relog and change their skins to egg-ified versions
Besides 5-6 people (depending on how they want it to go)
Those are: Tommy (immune to the egg) Techno and Phill (barely near L’manburg area so they aren’t infected) Ranboo something to do with his other half making him immune, Dream in prison and Sam who spends 90% of his time on his island or in the prison
This would make the egg actually intimidating instead of a joke
And would force Tommy to work and make up with Techno
And give Dream the chance to redeem
It could end with Phil or Dream sacrificing thenseves to save the group
(This idea is half baked and I just came up with it so there’s probably a ton of holes in it)
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2021.09.16 18:27 x3016 Coworker passed work to me?

Coworker passed work on to me?
Younger co-worker told a VP he was too busy. The VP said pass it to me.
The guy just FWD the email to me. I first called the VP and said “he can’t do it?”
VP said it’s a 5 min task, I said I’m in the same boat busy too, but I’ll do it.
I then looked the co worker in the eye and said “you can’t do it?” He said “no that’s why I sent it to you” I said “it’s a 5 min task”
He said “if you have a problem tell our boss”
I don’t wanna do the task because I don’t like being passed others work in this manner. But part of me thinks I should just be a team player.
I don’t really want to do it and allow this guy to just pass little shit off to me.
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2021.09.16 18:27 Wandering_sage1234 Imperator Rome: The Kingdom of Kush I ASMR, Ambience, Studying, Sleepin...

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2021.09.16 18:27 deathblade273 Mulaka

Which combo does the most dmg
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2021.09.16 18:27 Leech-64 When will P85QX-H1 be back in stock?

I have I would like to know when we see more of this tv. Seems to be out of stock everywhere.
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2021.09.16 18:27 FuturePropMaster Taylor himself said young Bobby was originally supposed to be a one-time role but this has to be the reason he was brought back right?

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2021.09.16 18:27 cjorr Can I get free DHT levels measured in the UK?

I'm trying to find a way of measuring my free DHT levels and total DHT levels but so far the tests I can find available in the UK only measure total DHT (from companies such as MediChecks).
Does anyone know if where/how I can get my free DHT levels measured in the UK?
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2021.09.16 18:27 _KingScar #TittyThursday

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2021.09.16 18:27 GeoffStephen0908 Chrome's face is somewhat hilarious in this XD

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2021.09.16 18:27 Leaffrost101 Saw this little guy while eating lunch at school! I live in the DFW area of Texas and was wondering what he is

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