Deathloop and Dishonored

2021.09.16 17:09 DiscordantBard Deathloop and Dishonored

Anyone found any Easter eggs lore or references to the Dishonored series in Deathloop? My eyes are peeled for shadowy figures on distant rooftops who vanish the moment you look at them or the sound of a bone charm. Perhaps we'll get a twin bladed skin for the machete or a particular outfit for Colt. Discuss
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2021.09.16 17:09 pamonhaart [FOR HIRE] Commissions Open

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2021.09.16 17:09 itrustpeople 109 locuri libere la ATI pentru pacienții COVID

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2021.09.16 17:09 ShortAlgo $ZM waiting for buy signal on ZM with

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2021.09.16 17:09 MrBuckBuck Wardens of Reddit, what was your most dangerous encounter with criminals?

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2021.09.16 17:09 BROOKXS looking to join

raids, nightfalls, dungeons 1280 hunter
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2021.09.16 17:09 peepworld Fluclotizolam Taper

My Fluclotizolam came inside of a dropper, with each drop being 0.125mg. Right now I'm up to about 20 drops over the course of 24 hours. So I'm ingesting 2.5mg/24hr, and based on feeling have a tolerance of about 1.75-2mg. My time testing and recreational use is coming to an end with this substance as I've gathered what info I needed, and obviously I don't want to be hooked on it. Right now I have 2 methods of tapering and needed input on which route would be the best for me to take.
I can gradually go from 20 drops over the course of 24 hours, dropping it down to 17, 14, 11, etc. over the course of a couple weeks. The problem is I will run out before I can get all the way down and don't want to/don't know where to purchase more. I do have Gabapentin 600mg though and do plan on using those at the end if I go this route.
The other way I was thinking was dropping my usage down acutely, going from 20 drops a day straight down to 14. This would lower my intake over a 24 hour period from 2.5mg to 1.75mg and I'd go down from there, and not running out at all. I could be using even less like down to 1mg or 1.25mg and using the gaba600's at the same time as well.
I also could very well be overthinking this because I snorted too many of my ADD meds, but I just want to get off this benzo safely / not have an asshole of a time withdrawaling off this like I did Clonazolam the last 2 times I bought it
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2021.09.16 17:09 venturejones New Adventurer Album

So I got an extra copy of their new album. First comment gets it if they want it. Free.
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2021.09.16 17:09 Lil_Blyat ah yes, the sign of a true twitch main

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2021.09.16 17:09 BookKite "The Hoard" by me, posca paint pens and pen-touch gold & silver pens

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2021.09.16 17:09 Ulenspiegel4 Genius, 0 intelligence

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2021.09.16 17:09 Doohickey-d Why does my buck-boost converter have high output ripple and spikes only in boost mode & at higher current?

I've made a buck-boost converter based on LM5118, based pretty much exactly on the component(values) suggested by TI webench. Also has usb-c power delivery controller, + input reverse polarity and inrush limiting circuit, all of which works and (I think) should not part of the problem. Goal is to have something which can take power from any sort of DC input (ebike battery or low-voltage solar and charge a USB-C laptop).
Photo of my board:
It works great when in buck mode, e.g. 25v -> 5v, 1.2a output current into a resistor as load, has 16mV PkPk ripple measured directly across ceramic cap closest to the output diode. Ripple is at 100kHz (switching frequency), and looks like what (i think) it should look like. (scope screenshot). Same thing at higher voltage / current, 30v -> 20v, 1.5a output current, has ~40mV PkPk (screenshot).
Boost mode at lower currents is fine too, with With 15v -> 20v, 250mA output current has 30mV PkPk: but at higher current, there is a lot more ripple on the output, and it looks much more spiky. With 15v -> 20v, 1.5a output current has ~180 - 230mV PkPk:
Inductor output side waveform (bottom), together with output ripple: (15 to 20v, 1.5a output). Why does the inductor have a a short "high" pulse before the main one?
Where does this come from? I suspect maybe inductor too small, or maybe input capacitors not adequate (cheap china but they are supposedly high-ripple polymer..).
Shematic: (Cslu & Csll are not on the board), Board top:, Board bottom:, both internal layers are GND.
Inductor is this one:
Any hints appreciated!
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2021.09.16 17:09 cbvv1992 🔥50% Off Code – $15.99-$18.99 Women's Vintage Floral Lace Dress Sleeveless Hi-Lo Cocktail Formal Wedding Guest Swing Dresses

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2021.09.16 17:09 throawayplskme ILPT request revenge on neighbors with multiple cameras?

Have these shit neighbors across the street. For a little context my nephew kicked a soccer ball into their yard, and when we went and asked for it back, the dad chucked it down the street. they’re dickheads.
Now, they called the police on us for an “abandoned car”. Which was really just my car sitting in a parking spot directly outside my house. I could MAYBE understand if it was taking up space for someone else to park, but when I tell you that no one ever uses that specific spot, I mean no one. It’s very tucked away, so only us, my shit neighbors and another family might consider using it. but both of them have 2 car garages and don’t park on the street to begin with.
This is the final straw for me, tired of letting them do stupid shit like this.
The problem is I think they have a camera facing towards our house, as well as a camera at their front door facing the street.
Any ideas? Could always just send them weird magazines or mail them some shit, but was hoping for something with a little more finesse since they’re going to know it was me.
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2021.09.16 17:09 Dahkteromar Any one know what that prop is for 14 ❤️s?

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2021.09.16 17:09 BanditaS321 [PC Server] CryArk-PvP-T5-H2-Xp1

««•◦ ℂ𝕣𝕪𝔸𝕣𝕜 ℂ𝕠𝕞𝕞𝕦𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕪 ◦•»
✨New community, looking got active members! We play :⤵️ -----------------------------✨------------------------------------------ ✔️CryArk-PvP-T5-H2-Xp1
✨Friendly members ✨Nice Staffs ✨No admin abuse 💻[pc-Steam-Server-Only] -----------------------------✨------------------------------------------ - Server PVP INFO ⤵️ ✔️Fjordur PVP ✔️ 3 players per tribe 2 Alliances ✔️ 3 teleport per tribe ✔️ Taming 5 , Harvesting 2 , XP 1 ✔️ Best way to grow-or hach your dino (Soul Terminal) ✔️ Wild Dinos 180 ✔️ Player lvl vanilla ✔️ Slightly reduces stacks size -----------------------------✨------------------------------------------ ✨ PVP Mods List can be found here: ✨ ✨ PVP Connect: ✨ steam://connect/ -----------------------------✨------------------------------------------ ✨DISCORD: ✨
-----------------------------✨------------------------------------------ ✨ PVE Mods List can be found here: ✨ https://server-lstnaqqr.arkers.io ✨ PVE Connect: ✨ steam://connect/
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2021.09.16 17:09 Maulthepizzaman Add a chat box or just stop taking forever rant

Some of us figured out how to get extra gold before servers went down. Then we have the slow players who think we are being toxic. Emotes= I'm going to take longer even though I literally have to kill ONE creature for my 500 gold and didn't make it to 20k goddamn it people. Would be nice to have a chat so I can tell you to hurray up and you win kind of thing. Rant over delete post whatever who cares I hate you
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2021.09.16 17:09 kawjr21 😬

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2021.09.16 17:09 MetalKnight01 Cries in server language!!

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2021.09.16 17:09 MrTeajunkie Not sure I like the tag line. See comments.

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2021.09.16 17:09 cows_are_holy [CA-ON][H] Artisans [W] Paypal


Artisan Price (USD) Available
Deag Pride Bean $ 95 Yes
CYSM Aurora Keyby $ 90 Yes
ETF Ingots 1k Hand $ 100 Yes
Wildstory Blackpink Ama $ 50 Yes

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2021.09.16 17:09 Automatic_Bell7557 A print of my new top choice in our home!

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2021.09.16 17:09 DunningFreddieKruger Positive or negative experiences with Mark Gerretsen?

I'm not trying to do a hit job on Mark, but every experience I've had with him, both on social media and in person has been unpleasant with him. I'm just curious what personal experiences people have had with him both good and bad to see if I'm an outlier.
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2021.09.16 17:09 MAFiA_79 Crypto Beast Airdrop. 5000 $BEAST for 1000 random participants 🔥🔥🔥

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2021.09.16 17:09 Bathtimewithuncle Can you be forced to sign a new lease on a rental property?

Basically a simplified version of events,
My friend signed a contract with a letting agency for a shared room (one man band) who didn’t really do anything correctly in terms of ID or even securing the deposit.
The “letting agency” was in debt so they relinquished the property back to the original owners after 2 months of signing a 12 month short bond tenancy. The owners have used their agents to try and get the occupiers of the house to sign up to a new contract independent of the original letting agents and their contract.
My friend has refused with the justification that he already has a contact and he is not legally obligated to sign another - and has lived rent free in the room for approximately 3 months.
What actions or legal recourses could be taken against him? The former agent has refused to return the unsecured bond.
Could he hypothetically live in the property for months without a legal obligation to pay rent to the owners?
Thanks for your time.
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